KC Activist Warns Drivers about Police Checkpoints

Kudos to this activist, who warned motorists of a victimless crime checkpoint up ahead. Can you replicate what he does in your area? Get together with some friends and give it a shot. Be sure to consult CopBlock.org and research how to deal with police ahead of time. You may even want to call the police who are doing the checkpoint and let them know of your plans ahead of time. This should keep them from flipping out on you.

Drinking and driving is not a victimless crime you say? It’s like pointing a loaded gun at a crowd? Not exactly. These days, the blood alcohol limits are so low, you can hardly claim there is any impairment for some accused. The Pennsylvania cops, now, even say that zero alcohol before driving is acceptable. That makes it, for many, a political crime. No one was hurt, no one was at risk of being hurt, it’s just that the emperor’s edict was disrespected.

What about the drunk guy who is swerving or driving at an unsafe speed? He is putting people at risk. You can make a solid case that that is analogous to pointing a loaded gun at someone. But you don’t need suspicionless checkpoints to handle that.

These checkpoints are the retail point-of-sale for tickets, courts and prisons. Period. Kudos to this activist for getting out there all by himself and making a difference. You can do it too.

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