Hempstead 15 Arraigned, Divided for Trial

Fifteen participants in a protest organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) which took place on the campus of Hofstra University during the last Presidential debate were arraigned yesterday in Nassau county, New York on charges of disorderly conduct. This is the group, known as the Hempstead 15, against whom the police used horses, leading to the trampling of Nick Morgan.

Outrageous Oppression

It’s outrageous not only that horses were used against these nonviolent veterans, resulting in one serious injury, but also that the police have framed them on false charges. As you can see for yourself in any of several videos made of these events, the protesters complied with police demands and behaved nonviolently.

Do we Still have a Republic?

When even peaceful assembly, a right specifically enumerated not only in our constitution but also in international law and the constitutions of nations like Turkey and Iran is met with this kind of brutality, I have to ask, is this still a republic? Or is this officially now a police state?

Divide and Conquer

The 15 accused have been divided into small groups, most likely in an attempt to de-motivate people from any further public demonstrations of support.

Nassau county: shame on you!

Via DailyPaul, Adam Kokesh

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