Adam vs The Man: Canceled!

8/27 Update: Adam Kokesh: FEC Complaint “Not a Factor”

What a shame. I really wanted Adam to continue doing his show. I thought he was doing a great job. Update: RT forced Adam to resign because he asked his viewers while on the air to donate to Ron Paul’s campaign it can be inferred that he might appreciate his viewers donating to Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign. This apparently might violate Federal Election Commission (FEC) rules. Apparently Russia Today (RT – the broadcaster of his show) is in trouble with the FEC and Ron Paul could come under fire from the media because RT is a project of the Russian government. The rather ridiculous FEC complaint filed by (signed by Clifford P. Kincaid) alleges that the Russian government is trying to divide the Republican Party. Apparently the complainer is a conspiracy theorist. And you thought those folks were harmless!

Update: The comments that Kincaid takes exception to can be heard here:

Update: This video of June 4th, 2011 apparently shows Clifford P. Kincaid or someone else associated with interrogating Adam Kokesh about his RT show.

Update: Freedom’s Phoenix radio host Ernie Hancock has invited Kincaid on to his show to discuss this issue. But he refused.

Retraction: In the first version of this article, I wrote that Adam had asked viewers to donate to Ron Paul. After further research, I disagree with this claim and updated the article to reflect that. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

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