Help Sam Dodson Get Media Coverage

Sam Dodson and his video camera

Here are some ways you can help Sam Dodson get media coverage for his principled stand as he enters his fourth week of captivity in Cheshire County Jail of New Hampshire.

  1. Rate the CNN iReport to help Sam get on CNN
  2. Vote for Sam to get on Fox’s Freedom Watch show with Judge Napolitano
  3. Send this press release to your favorite news outlet, blog or forum and start a discussion where possible.
  4. Digg the video of Sam’s arrest
  5. Upvote on Reddit the news about Sam’s captivity
  6. Ask Reason Magazine to cover the story
  7. Fan the Free Sam Dodson Facebook page
  8. Ask your friends to visit to get the whole story and ongoing media coverage

Oh and don’t forget to write Sam a letter. It’s free and someone else will deliver it for you. Any other ideas?

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