Eminent Domain is Theft in Abington, Too

Saturday morning, sixteen hardy liberty lovers, undaunted by the cold weather and steady rain, gathered in the domain of the Abingtown township commissioners, a nasty little criminal gang that likes to steal from little old ladies. Their latest target is a storefront and parking lot in their suburban Philadelphia fiefdom. We came out, under the leadership of folks like Ken Krawchuk, Steve Scheetz and James Babb, to demand the tyrants undo their nonsense and let them know they won’t get away with it lightly. In total, around 40 neighborly folks came out to join on us that cold, cloudy day.

Additional Footage Available

The above 14-minute video is a quick summary of the day’s events. I have another 40 minutes of footage that didn’t make the cut, in case someone else wants to make their own cut of the day’s events. Here it is on Youtube as well: Abington Eminent Domain Protest Oct 17 2009 YouTube Playlist.

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